Fitness Hub Partnership With AU Sport

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Jahan Emery

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AU Sport are excited to announce that they’re teaming up with the Fitness Hub who are offering a 10% discount on 12 month gym memberships for AU Sport members.

The Fitness Hub is an on-campus gym facility offering a safe and friendly environment for its users with well-equipped facilities to suit anyone from beginners to fitness fanatics.

All new members are offered a complimentary induction with one of the Fitness Hub’s trained staff members to ensure they know exactly what is available to them and can be pointed in the right direction, depending on their fitness goals.

It’s a perfect opportunity for AU Sport members who are looking to improve their strength, fitness and sporting performance, or even just squeeze a bit more exercise into their weekly routine.

Exercise is also a healthy release during or after a long day of study and the Fitness Hub is conveniently located on campus.

The offer was sent to AU Sport members who simply need to show a copy of the confirmation email upon signing up.

Those who have already signed a 12 month membership with the Fitness Hub won’t miss out either, as they can add a free extra month by showing the confirmation email to a Fitness Hub staff member.

Strength and conditioning exercises are vital to maintaining high-level physical output in sport to help your team get the best results, and are one of the primary ways to avoid injuries keeping you on the court for longer periods of time.

To learn more about the Fitness Hub and its facilities, click here.