Intervarsity Football Match Report

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Sara Lane

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Written by Doug Radford

Anticipation was high leading into the trip with newly appointed skipper and playing group favourite Doug Radford leading alongside AU Football Coach Craig 'Smelly Smithy' Smith, who took the helm as coach. A hopeful team full of young, raw talent boarded the plane with unusually good preparation.

Notable inclusions:
- Lachy 'Fridge' Cameron - now a rare model of fridge, but just as reliable as ever, providing some much needed solidness to the backline.
- Eddie Sims, Harry Edmonds & Hamish Wallace - up and coming stars, fresh out of the Pembroke school-leavers crop who lined up for their first intervarsity match.

Notable exclusions:
- Sam 'Pig' Penniment - after going for a mid week scan on what seemed to be at most a sore knee, Sam has found himself as the unfortunate host of an unnecessarily bionic leg brace for the next 9 weeks.
- Tom Milton - Where was Milts? Whispers have it that Milts, affectionately known as 'Huza Goodboi' has actually graduated? Surely not...
- Toby 'BAM BAM' Kewell - played for Melbourne!

In stark contrast to last year's match against ANU in Canberra which afforded the boys barely 15 minutes from arriving at the ground until the bounce, this year, an excruciatingly slow 4 hours was left to the boys before kick off. Not even the complimentary music gig being performed provided a viable time-killer, with a confused Smithy genuinely asking whether the K-Pop rap artist actually gets paid for this.

When it finally came time for the bounce, a no-doubt packed out Adelaide Uni Bar watched on in anticipation to the live stream. The first quarter provided a great contest. The Blacks managed to move the ball quickly, let down only by sloppy delivery across half forward which saw Melbourne rebound with ease. Melbourne came out two-goal victors of the first term.

It took nearly a half of footy until a defiant surge along with wing by Mitch Marini followed by a perfect centering pass by Toby Maughn resulted in Cam McPherson getting on the end of a snap around the corner for the Black's first goal.

A big, strong and clearly well-drilled Melbourne outfit started to really flex their muscles in the third quarter, extending their lead to 54 points. The Blacks managed to show some fight in the 4th, although a bit too late.

A loss by 10-odd sausage rolls in the end for the Blacks, bringing the recent tally to 2-2 between the universities.