AU Sport Get Involved With Pride Fest 2019

AU Sport Get Involved With Pride Fest 2019

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Jahan Emery

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Inclusiveness is immensely important both within sporting and university communities. This Thursday, Pride Fest is being held at the University of Adelaide run by the Adelaide University Union, which focuses on different aspects of the LGBTQIA+ community, culture, and history. The free event is open to everyone and involves talks and worships, one of which is a panel discussion on LGBTQIA+ community and culture in sport.

The panel will have a diverse range of people from different sports including Sam Wake from the Adelaide University Sharks (Adelaide University Rugby Union Football Club’s gay and inclusive team), John Cranwell from Inclusive Sport SA, Tess Baxter from the Adelaide University Football Club and Megan Harris from the Rainbow Crows. It’s the perfect opportunity to learn more about how your club can be more inclusive and provide support and opportunities to all.

Adelaide University Lacrosse Club member Brianna Morello has worked closely with the Union to organise the panel discussion. “This talk is perfect for club runners to come away with an understanding of some material steps they can take to be inclusive and promote diversity within their club and sport. For students who attend, we’d like them to have an idea of what they can look for in clubs as an indication that they are an inclusive and welcoming environment."

An inclusive culture is what prompted Brianna to join the Lacrosse Club. “While our club hasn’t had any direct inclusive initiatives, we’re very open to all players from any background. We’ve had transgender club members who have been allowed to nominate and compete for whichever team they feel comfortable with, regardless of gender. This level of inclusiveness and support is part of why I joined the club.”

Brianna believes in this day and age, an inclusive mindset is an absolute must for university and sporting clubs and bodies. “Sport is such a huge and important part of Australian culture and often has a competitive, gladiatorial feel in this country with events such as packed out AFL games held in enormous stadiums. Sport is also a large part of university life for many people, but it’s important for universities and clubs to be mindful of inclusiveness to a diverse range of students rather than only those with our traditional cultural view of sport. This is why an event like Pride Fest can be so beneficial for members of sporting clubs and bodies.”

The panel talk will be held on Thursday, August 29th at 1:00pm so be sure to pass on the details to your Adelaide University Sport clubs, and anyone else who may be interested or benefit from Pride Fest 2019.