Our Scholarship Recipients: Sophie Edwards

Our Scholarship Recipients: Sophie Edwards

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Adelaide University Sport is proud to be able to support athletes through our various scholarships. Sophie Edwards is a member of the the Adelaide University Cycling Club and received the Bob Heddle Scholarship in 2019. The Bob Heddle Scholarship is awarded to University of Adelaide students who not only excel in their chosen sport, but also give valuable service to their Adelaide University Sport club.

Being a member of one of our 36 sporting clubs has led to a number of opportunities for Sophie in different aspects of her life. “I’m a member of the Adelaide University Cycling Club and I’ve been on the committee the last few years. I really love the sport of cycling, the friendships you can make through it and the opportunities to explore some pretty cool places on the bike.”

After doing some research and considering the potential benefits, Sophie decided she’d be a good candidate to apply for one of our scholarships. “I did some research online when I started at studying at the University of Adelaide and found out about the scholarship opportunities for athletes. I thought, I’ve got nothing to lose applying for a scholarship and if I was awarded one it would help me significantly. So I applied and was lucky enough to be awarded one. I would encourage anyone to do the research, look at all the options and apply for them!”

The biggest benefit the scholarship has for Sophie is the balance the funding will help bring to her life. “The scholarship money will help towards some of the costs involved in this year’s racing block in Europe as well as other ongoing equipment maintenance costs. It is quite stressful studying full-time plus trying to balance cycling at a high level. Support from Adelaide University Sport like this helps me to relieve some of the financial stress, not having to try and squeeze bits of work around it all. It also means I’ve got time to give back to the community too, through the Adelaide University Cycling Club committee and other Scouts volunteering I do."

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