Our Scholarship Recipients: Will McGowan

Our Scholarship Recipients: Will McGowan

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Jahan Emery

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Adelaide University Sport is proud to be able to support athletes through our various scholarships. Will McGowan from Adelaide University Football and Cricket clubs was one of our recipients of the President's Scholarship in 2019. The scholarship is awarded to a University of Adelaide student in their first year of study who is also a member of an Adelaide University Sport club.

Will enjoys both the competitive and social side of being a part of two of our Adelaide University Sport clubs. " I enjoy playing for both clubs because of the combination of playing at a high standard and playing the sport for enjoyment."

It was the Adelaide University Football and Cricket clubs that informed Will about our scholarship opportunities and it was his pride for representing the University of Adelaide that prompted him to apply. "I applied for the scholarship because I have just started University and am passionate about representing the University of Adelaide by playing my sport for the Adelaide University Sport clubs."

Will believes he's a worthy recipient of the President's Scholarship due to his commitment to both Adelaide University Sport clubs he's involved in. "I intend to play for both the football and cricket clubs for years to come and I want to help the clubs off the field as well as play to the best of my abilities on the field."

The President's Scholarship will prove to be extremely valuable to Will both as an athlete and a student. "The scholarship will help me financially with purchasing items associated with being a student at the University of Adelaide and a member of Adelaide University Sport such as textbooks and new equipment, plus the Fitness Hub membership will also be of great use to me. I would encourage anyone involved with an Adelaide University Sport to apply for a scholarship as they are easy to apply for and will be very helpful in many ways."

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