Adelaide University Sports Village A Huge Success At O Week

Adelaide University Sports Village A Huge Success At O Week

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Nick Maegraith

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Our largest recruitment drive of the year, O Week, has been hailed as a tremendous success by club volunteers in attendance.

2020 saw fresh location and the inception of the Adelaide University Sport Village on Western Drive, just outside the Hub which provided new students with an amazing opportunity to meet our clubs and learn about what we have to offer.

Michael Short, president of the Water Ski club, says the venue was perfect for generating interest in clubs through increased exposure and foot traffic.

“This positioning is such an improvement on previous years… [the students] just run between Scott Theatre and the Hub, and it’s just so easy to see, you literally can’t miss it,” he says.

“I’m absolutely hoping we get the same spot every year, it’s worked really well and helped us stand out and generated a lot of interest in the club.”
Those sentiments were echoed by Belinda Rutherford, a member of the Athletics club who volunteered on each of the three days.

“The new venue has been fantastic… there’s been a lot of foot traffic, and people would stop and it seems as though people are interested in finding out more information,” she says.

The new location also facilitated increased interaction between our clubs, which helped to foster a great deal of goodwill and a sense of community between members. Rutherford says this proved to be one of the highlights of the week.

“It’s definitely been easier to get along with the other clubs and actually meet and talk to them, which has been fantastic,” she says.

Success of O Week can be measured by a variety of metrics, but one of the most important is appealing to prospective club members. Clubs were, on the whole, extremely positive about this process across the week.

“For the three days we’ve cracked the 200 sign ups, which is up there with the biggest sign ups I’ve seen,” says Brodie Robertson, of the Water ski club.

Dion Lobotesis, of the Tennis club, was similarly pleased with the effort the club made to grow through engaging new members of varied demographics.

“On the first day we actually doubled our membership through liking our Facebook page and getting involved with the club through social media. And across the next couple of days we had great interest in social teams and actually getting a women’s team going as well, which is wonderful to hear,” he says.

Along with the usual club stalls, we were fortunate to be joined by The Fitness Hub and People’s Choice Credit Union, who each ran a stall. There was also a stall dedicated to providing elite athlete and scholarship information. All of this contributed to what was a hive of activity for the vast majority of the three-day event.

There was also the always fun and popular aspect of the O Week, the variety of sports activations on offer. Not only were they a source of significant amusement for students and volunteers alike, but Lobotesis says its an important way to create an initial engagement with students.

“Those little displays have been awesome, great fun and a good way for people to come in and check out the stalls. From a tennis club perspective, we had the service speed machine and half courts set up, and they were a great attractor for the club and getting people curious about the game,” he says.

The week could not have been possible without the work of our tireless volunteers, many of whom were in attendance for the entire event. Their dedication to their clubs is testament to their commitment to improving their clubs and leaves them well placed to excel in 2020 and beyond.

Most importantly, the Sports Village gave new students the best chance of learning how they can get active through sport and recreation on campus and externally through our clubs, something which we believe is important to a balanced student life.

Thanks must also go to the many people who walked through the Sports Village and engaged with our clubs and activities. We hope to welcome all of you into the Adelaide University Sport family very soon!