AU Sport Membership - Come and Try 1 (2019)


AU Sport Membership - Come and Try 1 (2019)

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Non UofA Students who wish to try out a club before confirming membership or one fill-in opportunity.

  • $11.00

AU Sport Memberships


This membership provides non AU students with insurance cover to participate in ONE club come and try event.

Potential new members are entitled to attend two "Come and trys' but will need to purchase 'AU Sport membership - Come and Try 2' for their second opportunity. If you decide you want to join the club, you will need to purchase the appropriate AU Sport membership - University or Associate - at a cost of $88. As you have purchased come and try products, you will receive the appropriate discount such that you do not pay more than $88 for your AU Sport membership.

Additional club fees will still apply.

Clubs looking to use this product should have discussions with AU Sport Staff before setting up their products.