Child Safe Environments

Ensuring the next generation is safe

Everyone involved in a recreation group or sporting club has a responsibility to care and protect any children (those under the age of 18 years of age) who participate in their club activities.

AU Sport is committed to the safety and well being of all young people and children accessing our services or our clubs; and all AU Sport clubs are required to address the issue around Child Safe Environments either by meeting the requirements of their State Sporting Organisation (SSO) or AU Sport. The Children’s Protection Act 1993 makes it a legal requirement for certain people to report a reasonable suspicion or incidences of abuse or neglect. This obligation is known as mandatory notification and a penalty may stem from an individual’s failure to comply. Notifications must be made to Families SA Child Abuse Report Line on 13 14 78.

Mandated notifiers are an employer of, or volunteer in, a government or non-government organisation that provides health, welfare, education, sporting or recreational, child care or residential services wholly or partly for children.
AU Sport has developed guidelines for those clubs that have ‘official’ junior programs and for those clubs that don’t. If you are unsure of what your club needs to do around ‘Child Safe Environments’, look at the documentation below or email

Obtaining a VOAN National Police Certificate Check

As a club volunteer, you may need to have a Police Check undertaken for your Club. AU Sport provides the opportunity for you to obtain this Police Check free of charge if you are working with vulnerable groups (i.e. minors, those with a disability).

Step by step process:

  1. AU Sport Club volunteers, who need a police check, must fill out the form available from SAPOL. The form may either be completed online or printed. Leave VOLUNTEER AUTHORITY section blank.

  2. The form and 100 points of identification must be sighted by a Police Officer or a Justice of the Peace

  3. Once this is completed, take the form to AU Sport where a staff member, who is an approved VOAN Authorised Officer, will complete the VOAN section on the form

  4. AU Sport staff will then forward the application to SAPOL on behalf of the applicant.

  5. The National Police Certificate will be posted to the applicant, who then needs to have it sighted by their AU Sport Club.