Extra Funding Boost

Grants are a great way to get that extra boost of funding for specific projects or needs.  They can generate great excitement around the club.

All AU Sport clubs are allocated recurrent grant funding to assist them with basic club expenses. AU Sport also has other grants to help with specific projects as part of the AU Sport Grant program. AU Sport clubs are encouraged to apply and seek assistance from AU Sport staff when drafting their applications.

There are five types of grants available:

1. Club Development Grants
2. Elite Sport Grants
3. Capital Equipment Grants/Lease Back
4. Venue Hire Grants
5. Recurrent Grants

AU Sport clubs can apply for grants in two rounds during the year - 2 March and 24 August. Recurrent and Elite Athlete and Coaches bursaries are open all year round but all affiliated clubs must undertake and complete the AU Sport Risk Management process before being eligible to access their Recurrent grants.

Many other external organisations, such as the Office for Recreation and Sport, offer grants for community groups and clubs at different times during the year.