Park 12

North Adelaide Park 12 Sport Grounds

War Memorial Drive & Frome Road, North Adelaide

Regarded as one of the best grounds in South Australia, our Park 12 facilities are sure to impress all who step on the field.

Its boundaries run adjacent to War Memorial Drive & Frome Road and are just a short walk from the University footbridge. There you will find our successful Cricket, Football and Soccer teams showcasing their deserved talents. The popular Park 12 grandstand is home to the prestigious Long Room where many have sat and watched quality matches take place. 

Park 12 Grandstand and Longroom

Park 12 Oval and Women's Changerooms

The University of Adelaide Sporting Fields are leased from the Adelaide City Council and managed by AU Sport on behalf of the University of Adelaide. The fields are available for use by groups within the University or by community clubs and organisations, for which a preparation charge may be made depending on use. 

The University encourages casual users, who are defined as those members of the community that wish to use the area for sport and recreation for irregular or infrequent periods, to contact the AU Sport to ensure their proposed use of the grounds occurs during periods of time when the fields are available. If it is noticed that a casual user or members of the public are using the fields in an area booked by another user or that the user involves a larger group of people than anticipated or is using the fields regularly, a nominated AU Sport representative, likely to be an AU Sport Club Committee member, has the right to politely approach that user, hand them the official ‘AU Sport Grounds Use Letter explaining the terms of use and process of booking and ask them to leave. 


Park 12 no 1
(AFL/Cricket Turf wicket)
Park 12 no 2
(Cricket Turf wicket in summer)
3 Soccer pitches
(North, Metro, South)
Practice cricket nets
(1 for public use/1 for club use)
Women's Changerooms

Longroom Grandstand
Longroom function space
Changeroom facilities

 Paid Street Parking (free after 6pm)
(subject to Adelaide Oval Event restrictions)